Tinder - “The Dating game”

NOTE: My wife and I swiped right on each other. Since then I have deleted my personal account. So, graphics in the screenshots below may be out of date.

Tinder is typically known as a platform to hook up on—an easy way to find an easy lay. From my experience, however, not everyone who uses Tinder is looking to celebrate their single lifestyle. I had an idea to sponsor an interactive reality show through Facebook TV, Instagram TV, Snapchat and other social media, encouraging people to build healthy relationships and friendships with others.

How it works: Once an hour, a random person would be invited as the main contestant through a “profile” that comes up. If they say yes (by swiping right to the invitation, of course), Tinder gives them a date and time to be ready to video in through the Tinder App.

A screenshot of what it might look like to the main contestant.  Art Director,  Nam Tran Dang

A screenshot of what it might look like to the main contestant.

Art Director, Nam Tran Dang


Other people (in accordance to the original contestant’s sexual preferences, and within a hour’s travel of the original contestant) will be invited to be questioned on the game show. If they accept, they also swipe right. This continues until there are three people for the original to question.

When the day and time come, people can watch the show through live TV on social media. The show’s host introduces everyone, and the contestants aren’t allowed to see each other’s video feed while viewers are. Viewers can suggest questions, which are chosen at random using AI and given to the main contestant.

Invite Screen Shot 2v1.png

The game proceeds until the original contestant chooses a date. Tinder pays the bill by offering the couple a few date packages, sponsored by businesses from their location. The winning couple has the option for people to watch their date play out in real time.