Hill Holliday and friends

Below are a few projects from Intermountain Healthcare and BD Medical—two healthcare industry giants here in Utah. For other Intermountain projects, see Primary Children’s Hospital and Hold onto Dear Life.

Unfortunately, most of my BD Medical work is still in the rounds, so only the most recent files in my possession are available for your viewing pleasure.

Intermountain Hospital

Problem: The public was largely unaware of the healthcare system’s new ConnectCare app.

Idea: Tell people that ConnectCare is like always having a doctor with you.

Where: TV, billboards, internal signage.



Problem: People new to the area aren’t familiar with their healthcare options.

Idea: Tell stories of patients who were treated at LDS Hospital.

Where: Intermountain social accounts, bus boards, LDS Hospital internal signage.


Problem: Not many people know the signs of a stroke. This campaign was killed and not shown to the public.

Idea: Portray the voice talent having a stroke over the air.

Where: Radio, TV.

Problem: Due to stigma, people often avoid talking to loved ones about their mental illnesses.

Big idea: Show relatable conversations between two people.

Where: TV, Intermountain social accounts, public events.


BD Medical

Problem: The new Sherlock 3CG+ Tip Confirmation System, a CVAD positioning aid, was about to enter the market. These documents are not final. They are still in client review and haven’t been released to the public.

Where: Training videos, brochures, emails, instructional infographics, sales materials, landing pages.