Dominion Energy - "OBSESSions"

Hats I helped wear: Concepting, Internal presenting, Script writing, Casting, Location scouting, Post-production, Doll finder, Exorcist (doll disposer)

Problem: Convince gas customers to schedule a “Home Energy Plan” to save on their gas bill.

Big idea: Show fun ways people might spend their savings.


Why TV?: As far as messages go, saving on your gas bill is a snooze-fest. The help entertain folks, Dominion Energy would splurge a chunk of their marketing budget every year on TV and preroll. This year, we got to go a pretty weird route, something we were proud of.

Art Director - Brooke Whitaker, Director - Matt Fackrell


Art Director - Brooke Whitaker, Director - Matt Fackrell


Why Radio?: As fun as the TV and preroll spots were, most people in Utah aren’t watching ads. To counter this, we counted on people having the patience to listen to radio ads while they wait for music or news to come back on.